About Us

Svepro was founded in 2015 by Christian Carlsson who has extensive experience from the Swedish construction industry with development of cost-effective building systems. Svepro was established with a goal to combine the production of highly processed steel components for the Scandinavian market together with the production of steel profiles for the Eastern European market, all together with regional development activities of entrepreneurship through training and networking of entrepreneurs/investors and clients.

Svepro is an abbreviation of švedski profili d.o.o. and Svepro also means "everything is professionally".

Svepro have in the beginning of 2017 a engeneering department with 2 engeneers and a welding area with 9 welders and associated processing as punching, cutting and to wet paintning. Svepro collaborates with a network of subcontractors for all relevant refinements in the steel processing and can, together with the network of suppliers offer the most in construction-related steel processing.

Svepro is since the beginning of 2017, certified according to EN 1090-1 and ISO 3834 with performance class EXC 2.

Business concepts

Svepro should on one hand supply steel structures for the Scandinavian construction industry and offer a high cost efficiency, together with an never ending development of what is supplied to the customer.

Svepro should also offer the Eastern European market, a market-leading combination of Scandinavian and DIN standard range of steel profiles for the building construction industry.

In combination with the above business concepts Svepro should promote regional development of self-sufficiency and entrepreneurship through training and networking with entrepreneurs/investors and clients.


Scandinavian customers shall experience Svepro as a cost-effective provider who constantly works for improving the deal for them and without seeing the distance from production to delivery point as an problem.

Eastern European customers shall experience Svepro as a complete cost-effective supplier of a whide range of steel profiles which are not available in the whole range on local market.

Regional entrepreneurs shall experience Svepro as an aid to self-sufficiency through ongoing training, guidance, mentoring and networking, and each year, three new businesses shall be founden and each company shall within three years employ 3 people.