Reference projects

Stapelbädden, Malmö

Balconyfences, indoor stairway fences, and safety fence.

Träkronan, Göteborg

Balconyfences, indoor stairway fences, and safety fence.

Näckrosdammen, Göteborg

Evacutation stairways at 4-storey building.

Military beds, Norway

Bunkbeds for Norwegian NATO-base.

Strömsfastigheten, Göteborg

Evacuation stair from Penthouse.

Nyckeln, Örebro

Small fence by the street, and ramp fence by inner court

Inre Hamnen Norrköping

Bridge fences at inner harbour, Norrköping

Koenigsegg office

Indoor stair and fence

Tesla / Sv Fast.förmedling, Örebro

Half-round stair in the new Tesla Office, Örebro.

Drottningtorget, Trollhättan

Steel stair with fence from steel net.

Kongahälla Center, Kungälv

Balcony railings

Vallhamra Torg, Partille

Balcony railings

Byggnad 103, Trollhättan

Balcony railings and staircase

Nordic Wellness, Åhus

Staircase with glass railing in gym

Sylteskolan, Trollhättan

Steel frames for glass railing in sports center

NSVA, Helsingborg

Curved section railing

Ramselyckan, Öjersjö

Staircases with railings, Platformrailings, balconyrailings

Spaljén, Trelleborg

Staircases with railings, platformrailings, balcony-railings, terrace-railings

Solvikens förskola, Viken

Staircase with railing

Skymningen, Lund

Terrace and balcony railings, railings for indoor spiralstairs, outdoor spiral stairway, flower-pots

Park 22, Mölnlycke

Terrace and balcony railings, railings for spiralstair with leather-lined handrailings

Liseberg, Göteborg

Staircases at main-stage, staircase-railing backstage

Klinten, Fiskebäckskil

Evacuation staircase and balcony railings

Allerum Golf Club, Allerum

Entrance staircase, metal frame railings with glass filling

Kerlingeborg, Göteborg

Railings on terrace and balconies

Norrgavel, Malmö

Curved stairway with wooden steps

Triton, Malmö

Curved stairways with wooden steps

Valand, Kungsbacka

Balcony railings, entrance railing and curved railings on "mushroom" balconies